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Silver Diamond Jade Seal


silver, diamonds, jade.


 They are so different... They are affectionate and passionate, wise and frivolous, cautious and risky... They are animals representing 12 characters of the Chinese Zodiac.

Each of them, being next to the virtual throne blesses those born in their year, endowing them with traits and habits. In such way Great Buddha still commanded. He left people in the care of their patrons, whom divided into conditional triads. This is a tradition in which people have believed for more than 4,000 years, embodying the astral characters in full sculptures.

With the onset of the moon year the turn of one of the twelve rulers comes in the Chinese calendar. Our artisans decided to combine them into a single zodiacal series of flip stamps, by telling the jeweled story about each one and describing its unique image.

Rabbit, virtuous and cautious, calm and considerate, gentle, loving, an interesting conversationalist and a reliable friend and yet endowed with the gift of clairvoyance, which is unravelling the mysteries and riddles, in addition to all his dignities.

His soft furry figure with masterfully detailed engraving on silver, decorated with a scattering of small diamonds and planted on the jade stand, truthfully passes the invented image of the animal and harmoniously enters in a stable composition.

Therefore, a regular working tool and a familiar office object, the seal stamp, has been an exquisite interior decoration, elegant gift and an excellent example of the genre of the small plastic art.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin