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silver, diamonds, jade.

№ Н-13-12-758

People have long been giving human qualities to animals, and some have been created sacred and worshiped. Such attitudes were enshrined not only in the pagan myths and legends, but also in Chinese Moon Calendar. More than four millennia ago it gathered 12 animals in the zodiacal circle with each one ruling over a period of one year, replacing its brethren once in 12 years. In addition, it seemed that the man, born in the year of a particular animal, is endowed with the traits of its character, strengths, and habits.

Today, although we see something exotic in such echoes of the past, we still never stop looking for parallels, wondering the connections with dates of birth. Moreover, when Chinese New Year comes, we choose and give small statuettes of patron animals to friends, relatives and partners.

Such gifts can be selected from the series of flip stamps, designed by artists of the Jewellery House "Lobortas". Sculptures of the zodiacal rulers will harmoniously fit both a cozy study, and a strict working style of sleek office.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin