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Silver Diamond Jade Seal


silver, diamonds, jade.

By order.

Inventive and creative, charming and energetic Monkey glamours with its abilities in different areas. This is a universal sign that can negotiate and persuade, sacrifice and think through everything to the smallest detail.

Perhaps people born in the year that this long-limbed animal patronizes possess the same qualities. In any case, humanity believes in the ability of the Chinese horoscope symbols to control those whom they patronize, and puts their faith in quite realistic features of the zodiac signs.

Artists see this world in images, and therefore do not just create collections of such figures, but also invent stories for them, develop a common style, or release them in series. So there was an original series of invertible seals by Lobortas Jewellery House, in which the mundane became Beautiful, and regular was perfect.

Light and elegant miniature sculptures of animals called by the Buddha himself to his throne according to legend are created in the genre of small plastic made of silver, decorated with diamonds and placed on the stands of jade. Each of them can become not just an exclusive decoration of your office, but also a status gift or the basis of a new unique collection, in which the magic and energy of the East is in harmony with the utmost practicality of everyday details.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin