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Silver Diamond Jade Seal


silver, diamonds, jade.




Fractious lovely horse, captured by an artist in the rapid burst, has reared. Trying to break away from earthly bonds, from all that hinders her freedom-loving passionate nature, which binds her stubborn and purposeful character, she runs along the horoscope circle, trying to catch so much. Her dense silver mane is fluttering in the wind, the land is ruffling underfoot, the wind is swaying the grass near the hooves and the entire elegant figure is hovering as an airy phantom. The might of croup, rage and impetuosity, perseverance and dignity are read in her appearance. And all these qualities she will give with interest to someone, who was born in the year of its ruling.

This beautiful sculpture of flip stamp zodiacal series in the small plastic genre can become the foundation of your new collection or an exclusive gift for a colleague, partner, boss, the native person or a close friend.

It is a trophy thing, which will harmoniously fit into any interior. This is an original handcrafted decoration of pure silver with a scattering of small diamonds. It embodies the legend of the beautiful strong and stately animal, symbolizing one of the signs of the Chinese Horoscope.

And still it is a sample of a special perception of household details turned into a work of art, a regular stamp.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin