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Silver Diamond Jade Seal


silver, diamonds, jade.


 Mysterious fantastic Dragon embodies our fantasies, symbolizes the craving for otherworldly and unknown, shows the desire for magic and mysticism. He lives so high and so far away, where no man has ever trod, lives in remote and dark caves, flies above the mountain heights or descends into the subterranean worlds. Everything is subjected to him, all element are submissive to him, and there are no such places, which were not subdued by the essence of ancient legends – neither on the Earth nor under the Earth, neither in air nor in water.

Historically, among the characters of the Eastern horoscope only Dragon is a fictional character of myths and legends, unlike other prototypes of real animals. In the East, it is a sacred deity, which is worshiped and revered. They consider him to have the abilities of the eternal revival from obscurity and recognition of the mysteries of other worlds.

This little silver sculpture fills with sacred awe mixed in with delight. It inspires, since the Dragon is a symbol of wisdom, unprecedented insights and passions raging in each of us.

Artisans of the Lobortas Jewelry House managed to pass the image of unusual creatures in each of the precious statuettes, constituting an original series of Zodiacal flip stamps. The image whether from our subconsciousness, or from the depths of the centuries ascended on the jade throne.

Let it keep your home and bring good luck in business, please and amaze with the perfection of engraving techniques.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin