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Silver Diamond Jade Seal


silver, cognac diamonds, jade.

By order.

The hound runs fast trying to catch the game and bring it to his master. The plays with his velvety fur and ears. He is very attentive to every movement of leaves and any sound. His nose is breathing in the smells of the forest.

The horn is playing, the guns are sooting, the hunters are crying and there is no bigger joy for the hound than this feeling of harmony with his master.

The dog is one of the most devoted animals. It is sincere and generous. This animal has become a part of the Chinese Zodiac series made by Lobortas Classic Jewellery House. The Dogs are philosophers and analysts who are free from stereotypes. They can foresee and prevent certain events.

Give this elegant composition of silver and diamonds as a gift and it will take its honorable place in the interior. It is perfect for your office or cabinet. It may also become a peart of your own collection of figures that follow the traditions of jewellery art.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin