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Silver Diamond Jade Seal


silver, black diamonds, jade.

№ Н-17-02-077

 The Ox is honestly and fiercely fighting till the end in equal battle with matador. His desperate desire to win, lust for life and persistence inspire respect and awe.

Ancient sacred ritual, bright spectacle... everything is in contrasts and strong emotions. It has became the basis of genre sculptures by the artisans of the Lobortas Jewellery House.

Perhaps the works of E. Hemingway, the most famous aficionado, inspired them. He noted the edges of this exciting dramatic event so truly and so marvelously. Banderillas, sword and cloak of the matador are the same compositional characters as one of the main rivals, courageous and tenacious, strong handsome Ox.

The series of interior pieces, flip stamps, to which the sculpture belongs, was based on the characters of the Chinese Horoscope. It's 12 animals, which, according to the legend, were invited by the Buddha for them to rule once in 12 years, replacing each other on the horoscope circle and giving their qualities to children, born in their years.

Such original sculpted figurines of silver and diamonds are on a stand of noble jade, but when you flip them, they turn into stands for stamps. A similar technique is based on ancient traditions of cabinet sets in interior art, which was made famous by Carl Faberge in their time.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin