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Silver Diamond Jade Seal


silver, black diamonds, jade.

№ Н-17-02-108, Н-17-02-107

 Mankind has always sought to link the laws of earthly with the heavenly life. By believing in the existence of links between the stellar symbols and those born under a certain sign or in a year of the patron animal of the Chinese horoscope, we look for protection against the machinations of fate. Perhaps our stellar character will bestow us with its charisma, traits and character, and in exchange, it would plead for us before the higher forces? According to Chinese legend, Buddha himself invited 12 animals – the carriers of identified strengths and opportunities – to his throne, before leaving this world, and ordered them to rule over one lunar year, replacing each other every 12 years. Now, these signs are not simply representatives of the zodiacal circle, they are the heroes of flip-stamp series by Lobortas Jewellery House as well. Made from pure noble silver using sophisticated techniques of engraving and studded with small diamonds, they are mounted on jade stands, which are separating the outer sculpture and the seal. Such samples of interior art will gracefully, elegantly, harmoniously and functionally fit your cabinet space or the atmosphere surrounding your family, friends, and partners. A capable, creative and eccentric Rooster first starts a new day, drives the darkness away and entice with its vibrant energy.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin