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Silver Black Diamond Jade Seal


silver, black diamonds, jade.


It has an honorary mission to open the zodiacal astral circle of the Chinese Horoscope. According to legend, the Rat was one of the first ones who appeared at Buddha's throne. It was nimble and sneaky, intelligent and charming, cheerful and incredibly insightful, likable and sociable; it quickly focuses in any situation where the speed of reaction is needed.

In the East, people believe that the Rat has a great scent for money; it perfectly understands people and always feels the danger.

The sculptural composition in the form of a flip stamp is smoothly and seamlessly flowing into its antipode – the standard working tool, which seals the treaties.

Silver animal figurine, set with diamonds, stands on a small pedestal made of jade that gives longevity and success. When turning it 180 degrees, however, it becomes a neat stand for your seal. That is what makes an original gift, unique decoration and even exclusive collectible specimen out of a simple utilitarian object.

“Lobortas” House can fill your interior with beautiful and original jewellery – the pieces that are as much beautiful and brilliantly designed, as they are practical.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin