Diamond Silver Seal Stamp


silver, diamonds, jade.

 His horns are stern, the figure is curved in steady movement forward, the nature is stubborn. He is ready to go to the end in his quest to attain the goals, he is not afraid of hairpin roads and steep mountain gorges. He's even ready to throw off the rider if he tries to crush on him, too proud and strong, workable and reasonable Ram.

Our jewelers saw one of the representatives of the Eastern horoscope so freedom-loving and willful. By creating a series of flip seals, in which utilitarian things are turned into real works of art, they have come up with a cohort of characters endowed with not just similarity to their prototypes, but also with new meanings and attributes and their harmonious integration.

Series can be gift or collectible one, and its characters will bring grace and elegance, luxury and sophistication to your interior.

Miniature sculpture are distinguished by accurate and detailed drawing, masterly skill of engravers and ability to shed integrity and stability on the composition, and smoothness and completeness to the lines. Because only the real artists make any angle profitable and ordinariness – beautiful.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin