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Diamond Silver Seal Stamp


silver, cognac diamonds, jade.

№ Н-21-11-469

№ Н-22-01-022

№ Н-22-01-023 / special order.

 Brave, passionate, ardent, but always fair and lovely. He is silently walking through the jungle with his soft paws. He, the handsome Tiger... Great strength, magnificent power, the ability to sacrifice and to defend to the last lies in him. He is a warrior, daring, sudden and making the enemies tremble in terror. He is cat soft, tender and compliant with his friends.

Bright striped predator has always been the epitome of heroism and bravery, and, in the Eastern traditions and legends, the bravest warriors and wisest rulers were associated with him. In the zodiac circle Tiger occupies a worthy place in his triad, giving charisma, leadership and a thirst for power to those born in his year.

Sculptors of the Lobortas Jewellery House, created a series of flip stamps that were inspired by images of twelve Zodiacal animals of the Chinese lunar calendar. Figures and symbols, united by a common style, materials and genre peculiarities, not simply show the exterior and habits of animals, but also tell their stories.

These silver sculptures on jade stands will be your charms, beautiful decorations, always-appropriate gifts to your close ones or partners. Your interior will be filled with elegant luxury, in which artists array the usual utilitarian objects.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin