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Daimond Silver Seal Stamp


silver, gold, cognac diamonds, black diamonds, jade.

№ Н-20-09-341

Arabian horse is an embodiment of the perfect creation of the Lord, a symbol of untameable freedom, beauty and grace, power and mesmerizing harmonious movement. Legendary Arabian horses are considered oldest and best in the world. Allah created them out of four winds: spirit of the North, force of the South, velocity of the East and acumen of the West, which appeared on the Arabian Peninsula for the first time.

According to ancient legend, the Creator once caught a handful of warm south wind breathed life into it and created the horse. And said: “The name of you – Arabian, everything good is tied to your forelock. I give you a friend in your master. And I also give you the ability to fly without wings.” Maybe we will have the ability to fly without wings, if we manage to make friends with Arabian horse.

This is how one of horoscope signs was represented by artisans of the Lobortas Jewellery House in a unique series of flip stamps, in the form of silver fine statuettes on a pedestal made of jade. Here, experts use images of antiquity and ancient Egypt, the Sumerian culture and the Renaissance.

Each sculpture is unique, each image does not simply display the main features of the sign, but also carries some sacred meaning, and by being integrated into cultural and astrological environment, it tells its story.

Here, the skills of jewelers, engravers, historians and storytellers are closely intertwined, giving rise to a new layer in the genre of Interior art. The usual office and household equipment is turned by our artists into a real collectible artifacts. They are admired, by having decorated the house or office with them, or are presented as beautiful and exclusive luxury gifts.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin