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«Соssack Mamay»

Silver Sapphires Rauchtopaz Nephrite Seal


silver, sapphires, rauchtopaz, nephrite.

№ Н-17-01-044

Ukrainians are a nation that has found a second home in the hospitable lands of Canada. They occupy an important place among this country's nationalities. The province of Ontario and, in particular, the city of Toronto is one of the clearest evidences hereof. Ukrainians carefully and reverently pass on the history and cultural values of their forefathers from generation to generation. When adding ethnic colors to the overall palette of Canada's diverse culture, they become clear to everyone living in this beautiful country. One of the key symbols of Ukraine is the Соssack Mamay, sung by the folk epic. A magnificent illustration of the image of a national hero who embodies the qualities of a warrior, philosopher, poet and musician.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin