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Silver Diamond Sapphire Charoite Seal


silver, blue sapphire, rubies, white diamonds, charoite.

№ Н-18-04-242

Alexander Suvorov was one of the most odious figures in the military history. He was obsessed with Victory throughout his military career, from his own lower military ranks to the top brass of Generalissimo. Once in honor of his daring victory in violation of the above standing order from the lips of Empress Catherine II flew the famous catch phrase: "Victors need never explain." The culmination of his military achievements was the transition with the entire army through the impassable Alps that were the crown of his military prowess and brought him the highest military rank of Generalissimo. He became a knight of all Russian orders of his time, as well as seven foreign ones, and since 1799 he had the honorary title of Count of Rymnik, Prince of Italy. During his career, the commander has not lost a single battle and won more than sixty major ones.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin