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silver, gold, jade.

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Tucks on the tunic are waving in the wind, fitting a slender and graceful figurine. Easy movement of hand repeats the flap of the wings, and the whole of the subtle and light, statuesque and harmonious sculpture of the goddess of victory is as if hovering in the air.

Frozen with a laurel wreath in her hands and ready to crown the victor, Nike exudes bright silver shining and confidence. She is motion and impulse, a single whole with passion and will to win, to conquer, to success. Masters of jewellery art could convey both classic proportions, accuracy of the canonical composition and harmonious combination of gestures with flowing clothes.

Following the minutia and details of visual canons, artisans, however, do not repeat the main thing: creating their image of the Greek goddess. Moreover, they bring an aura of beauty, atmosphere of creativity in the cabinet workspace or office. They imitate the sculptors of the golden age, for which surrounding creations were not divided into utilitarian and high art, household utensils and masterpieces. Everything was wonderful, destined to become eternal. Everything inspired and granted joy.

In addition, may this little gift seal, transformed in a true work of art by jewelers and engravers, bring always a victory to you: in business, in life, in sport, in a relationship.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin