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«Intercession of
the Most Holy Theotokos»

Bronze Silver Jade Diamond Seal


bronze, silver, jade, diamonds.

№ Н-20-02-063

The story recounts how during the offensive of the hostile Saracens on Byzantium, its inhabitants gathered in the Virgin Church and prayed in the hope of salvation. During the all-night service, when the Blacherna church was full of worshipers, at four o’clock in the morning, Saint Andrew the Blessed raised his eyes to heaven and saw the Most Holy Mother of God walking through the air, illuminated by heavenly light and surrounded by angels and a host of saints.

The Mother of God prayed for a long time, pouring tears over her god-like and most pure face. Then she stretched out over the congregation her omophorion, shining with heavenly light, whose fabric sparkled more brightly than lightning. This was the same Protection that was designed to protect believers from misfortunes, and she covered all the people in the sanctuary with it. This divine miracle helped the people of Constantinople to believe that the Virgin Mary cares about the world and strives for peace. People became invisible to enemies, and the Saracens retreated from the walls of Byzantium and the city was saved.

This miracle formed the basis of the Feast of the Intercession, which was represented by the Icon of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos. The central role in it is played by the same omophorion of the Mother of God, with which she covers each of us, protecting us from troubles, misfortunes and loss of faith.

The image of the Mother of God was painstakingly transferred by jewelers into a sculptural composition – the seal of the Protection of the Holy Mother of God, who bestows God’s grace, filling us with her protection and love.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin