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Sculptural Composition


bronze, silver, symbircite, enamel.


The Enlightener, a venerable sage with silver hair, ushers in the radiant dawn of enlightenment, grace, verity, and liberty. Stooping gently, he cradles in his hands an ember – a quivering beam, an emblem of the ceaseless and indomitable blaze of the human spirit. The delicate, luminous glow of the enigmatic lantern, cleaving the obsidian veil, bestows wisdom to some, instills hope in others, and illuminates the path of righteousness...

The pivotal figure in this composition is the personification of enlightenment, an elder bearing a lantern that emits a tender luminescence, symbolizing the beacon of truth and knowledge. He strides through the abyss of ignorance with determination and resolve, poised to disseminate his wisdom to the world. In his meticulously crafted hands, the lantern transcends mere ornamentation, serving as a guiding light on his odyssey.

The whimsical facets encircling the central figure manifest as an artistic representation of the plurality of global faiths. Complex details reveal symbols, motifs, and elements associated with diverse beliefs that intertwine, culminating in a harmonious unity, underscoring a shared pursuit of truth and enlightenment.

The sculpture of the Enlightener embodies profound notions of universal enlightenment and interconnectedness. Bathed in the glow of the lantern, the central figure emerges as a wellspring of inspiration, spurring the quest for truth and comprehension on the vast tapestry of human experience. It is a beacon that continuously upholds and transmits time-honoured family values, vigilantly protecting and maintaining them throughout the course of history.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las