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«St. George the Victorious»

Silver Gold Diamond Ruby Sapphire Jasper Sculpture


gold, silver, diamonds, black diamonds, rubies, yellow sapphires, jasper

"St. George the Victorious" Contemporary precious jewelry sculpture of victory, absolver, healer… saint and martyr. Warrior and the miracle worker. He, Saint George the Victorious, is glorified in legends, and captured in icons. The one, who during his lifetime got rid of his deserved wealth, is worthy to be captured in rare and precious stones. The one, who rejected his honors in the name of the Lord, is hallowed in times of the past and today. The one, who made the unparalleled miracles, is recreated in handcrafted masterpieces.

The ones, who will overcome all challenges, will be awarded invulnerability and leadership by noble rubies. The mystical fire of black diamonds will enchant with profoundness and will give unearthly force, and will enlighten with the light of truth. The rarest yellow sapphires will augment vital forces, and fill the soul with courage and quiescence, disclosing the laws of the universe to the holder, satiating with wisdom. A ball of landscape jasper symbolizes the Earth, for whose fate a battle. Palming a spear with the cross shining on top iridescent with diamonds, he, sitting on a horse, triumphantly strikes the serpent symbolizing the victory of light over darkness.

The composition of the sculpture is unique: from the bottom the circle of the fragile and bright globe is drawn about. At the top, the figurines of St George and the defeated dragon are weaved as if in the circle of the eternal battle. The gold of the victor's cloak and the wings of the wounded serpent. And the small circles – the shield, nimbus, horse's neck – are as if looping the sculpture in a single artistic and the sacral whole, victorious, light, genuine, life-asserting. And it is as if the sign of infinity is encoded in the composition, so endlessly George will protect the earth from dark forces.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las