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Silver Gold Diamond Sapphire Сhess Clock


silver, gold, diamonds, sapphires, wood.

Oh, he’ll never crack us hard nuts!

Yes, the crown is ours to win!

I may go to bed a pawn but

Then I’ll wake up as a king!

"For The Honour of The Chess Crown", Vladimir Vysotsky

Englishman Thomas Bright Wilson made the very first chess clock. He was an amateur chess player and used his invention at the London Chess Tournament 1883. Viewers of the tournament were greatly thankful for such innovation, since there had been cases when the game finished as open-ended rivals simply... fell asleep! The prototype of the current mechanical chess clock with two button switches was established in 1900. Then there was an electronic clock, then an electronic clock with additional, sometimes not necessary functions, but all-mechanical chess clock is still a true classic.

The chess clock office object is a fair play. The clock is original and authentic. Two mechanical timepieces, each with its own face, made of gold and silver, adorned with diamonds and sapphires. Watches are traditionally mounted in one body, crafted out of lightwood. Chess clock is a true vintage, tribute to those times when such things were done manually and in a single copy. Since the word "vintage" means the year or place in which wine, especially wine of high quality, so those chess clocks are precious and exclusive as well.

The chess clock office decoration object. Therefore, the game goes on, "touched/move" rule is observed faithfully, but you choose yourself the time to think about your moves.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las