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«The Innumerable Treasures»

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silver, gold, diamonds, cognac diamonds, yellow sapphires, rauchtopaz, petrified wood.

№ Н-13-12-780

“Dwarfs are very attached to gold. Any highwayman demanding 'Your money or your life' had better bring a folding chair and packed lunch and a book to read while the debate goes on".

Terry Pratchett, "Men at Arms"

Banknote Counter "Gnomes". Who else but gnomes can be entrusted with money matters? The fabulous underground residents are known for their sensibility and love to metals. That is why artisans of Classic Jewellery House "Lobortas" trusted the fabulous gnomes to make complex calculations.

Banknote counter "Gnomes" is a fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm, embodied in gold and silver. This is mystical scenes of Wilhelm Hauff, fantastic images of Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann.

But the talent of jewellers of the House "Lobortas" managed to revive the fabulous characters, giving its own nature to each, and a vividness and a verism to the composition as a whole.

Lower Gnome returns to its dark hearth. Nearly crossing the threshold of his home, in the light of yellow lamp he can't help with admiringly looking at that newly found precious stone. Following the traditions of Eugene Lanceray and Vasily Grachev, the jewellers of the House literally "painted" each part of the clothing of the fabulous midget, not forgetting neither a broad leather belt, nor nailed boots, nor even the tools, beautiful in their perfection at the background of daverdy work wear of the dwarf.

Upper Gnome is focused. Before the dawn even a sapphire light of the torch is enough to see where to dig the earth, he is in a hurry to catch up. His loot, bigger than the storyteller can imagine, is waiting for him!

Banknote Counter "Gnomes" evokes admiration and the desire to enjoy many of the smallest details: bats guard the fire, the watchful owl is anxiously hoots, silver chains jingle and bills rustle when the dwarfs recalculate their treasures.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin