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«Nymphs of Fiesole»

Silver Diamond Shell Agate Desk Lamp


silver, shell, agate, diamonds.

Lamp "Nymphs of Fiesole" – an alternative to kitsch. Silver nymphs, honey seashell, unique agate and diamonds. The style in which the work was performed, in Italy is called Liberty, and it is more familiar to us as Art Nouveau – the new art, a mixture of techniques and materials. Being a part of the Big Modern, Art Nouveau is notable for particular softness, elegance and eroticism. However sudden it may sound, Japanese art is at its heart.

Moreover, jewelers of the House “Lobortas” used elements of Japanese culture in the design of the lampshade. Gorgeous shell decorated with traditional floral ornament of Art Nouveau, in the technique of glyptics. The lampshade is illuminated from the inside, and it seems that the very seashell emits languorous light.

In the outline of the lamp "Nymphs of Fiesole", an undulating S-shaped line characteristic of Art Nouveau (so-called whip) is discerned. It is flowing from the shell to the beauties’ hairs and farther, to agate bends. It seems that the hairs of mysterious nymphs of “virgin sisterhood” are endless, and only a gaze can discern where the plaits merge with silver flowers on agate.

By the way, agate is an amazing stone. Its drawing is not repeated ever, that is why the agate is always exclusive.

And here from the shadows and fog of Art Nouveau, images and figures of Giovanni Boccaccio, the stories of Africo's love and Menzola's nymph arise.


... Oh, do you know the willingness, with which

I have accepted Cupid's arrow in my heart

The day when I saw Diane before me

With throng of nymphs at the stream...

Giovanni Boccaccio, "Nymphs of Fiesole"

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Photo by Dmitriy Las