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Silver Gold Diamond Lapi Lazuli Sculpture


silver, diamonds, agate, sodalite.

№ Н-23-01-004

In broad alleys windingly sounds
The familiar echo of ancient tunes....

Quiet music is spreading in the cozy atmosphere of the town. The song of Klezmers, Jewish travelling musicians, stretches along the narrow street. The sound of cello is recognizable and melodious, flute melody is long, and drums are beating off a clear rhythm. All the wisdom and centuries-old history of the Jewish people is in those simple sounds. Faces of musicians are concentrated and attentive, as if they hear something more than this quiet melody, leisured as time and ancient as this nation...

Everyone here is a soloist; each one is improvising and becomes the author of the new work in front of you. Curves of hands, heads, bodies, folds of clothes are smooth, and the whole composition is mesmerizing with soft outlines of the circle, in which the music is born.

Dense thick blueness of lapis lazuli, shimmering in the Sun, reflecting the mystery of tunes and echoes of the times. Golden shiny sounds are echoingly flying around... Silver shades of echo, are involving you in this magical atmosphere of familiar tunes, as if sleeping then at the bottom of the soul and revived by the magical notes.

This performance is simple and inescapably plaintive; it falls into memory as sparkling diamond. And a handcrafted sculpture that took out a little episode of urban bustle, gives a second life to travelling musicians.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las