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Pen Holder


bronze, silver, marble, diamonds.

№ H-20-10-372

Drawing from the enigmatic depths of Slavic mythology, the artisans at the House of Lobortas have sculpted a statuesque objet d'art that encapsulates the essence of the exquisitely immortalized deity, Semargl.

At the pedestal of the stand, a column of polished marble stands firm – an unyielding foundation, echoing the ancient pillars that once upheld grand civilizations. Perched on the column, two silver Semargles, mythical creatures from Slavic lore, sit with an air of majesty.

In the annals of ancient Slavic cosmology, Semargl was venerated as a protector, often portrayed as a creature bearing features of both bird and beast. Here, the Semargles serve as custodians of inspiration, their outstretched wings symbolizing the limitless flight of creativity birthed from the written word.

Adorned with intricate filigree and precious stones, they emanate an aura of magnificence. Each pen is meticulously crafted, each gemstone is precisely positioned, speaking volumes of the unwavering dedication to the craft and an insatiable quest for beauty.

In the confines of a private office, the Semargl pen stand transforms into an artifact of splendour, accentuating the status and refined taste of its possessor, transcending the material realm, acquiring cultural significance, and standing as a testament to human ingenuity.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin