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Jewellery Symphony «Time of the World»

Gold Silver Diamond Sapphire Spinel Lapis Rauh Topaz Jade Sculptural Mechanical Timepiece with Antique Movement Mechanism


silver, gold, diamonds, sapphires, star sapphire, spinel, rauh quartz, lapis lazuli , jade, 19th century clock movement mechanism.

The birth of the jewellery masterpiece is a long-term and important process, which sometimes lasts for years. Its true importance is a virtuosic, superior workmanship, when the precious stones and metals are only a little part of the true value that gives the eternal life to a jewel.

The jewel takes breath with its independence and superiority without vanity, easily overcomes social storms, turns the centuries over and is the most reliable treasure of its owners.

"Time of the World" is a piece of high artistic jewellery, crafted by artistic, creative and engineering spirit of the team of the Lobortas Classic Jewellery House. Its birth lasted for about three years, and the team of artisans and artists, who created this masterpiece, reached 24 people. Up to recent times, only the four states in the world could be proud of the creation of works of such level: England, Germany, France and Russia. That is stipulated by their historic past. Today the world treasury has been supplemented by the masterpiece, born in Ukraine.

"Time of the World" is the inmost lotus flower, the symbol of the internal spirit of the Universe. It sheds the precious grace flows onto a limitless world. Gold steps covered in diamonds are the symbols of which. The Grace of God transforms our lively world into the beauty: the gentlest, but at the same time, the most powerful force under skies. The whole Universe is moved by it. It is no coincidence that elephants, as the kindest and, at the same time, the most powerful animals, hold the silver of the Celestial Sphere on their backs. The Sphere is studded with diamond constellations, the completeness of which determines not 12, but 13 zodiac signs, including Ophiuchus. The timepiece, hidden inside the Celestial Sphere, crowns the composition. The piece keeps time and symbolizes the eternity of existence, which is lit by an unquenchable 28-carat asteriated sapphire. Under the modern face, the mechanism, which is 150 years old, is leisurely keeping time.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las