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«The Archistratigus Michael»

Desktop Sculptural Composition


bronze, silver, epoxy resin

№ Н-21-03-151

Small Replica of
the Sculptural Fountain Composition
Archangel Michael, the Defender of Kyiv

in honor of the grand opening
September 19, 2020

The idea of creating the Sculptural Fountain Composition of Archangel Michael, the Defender of Kyiv, originates from the unique jewelry interior miniature of the Lobortas Classic Jewelry House, in which Archangel Michael, as the guardian of ancient Kyiv, was depicted flying over the church bell, the upper part of which contains the Kyiv slopes and hills, where the world-famous, ancient temples of the capital of Ukraine stand.

In the lower part of the bell, a prayer in honor of the Holy Archangel Michael is carved. Under the bell flows a drain fountain, symbolizing the rapid waters of the Dnipro River. From different sides of the fountain's edge to its center, Dragons pour water in streams, symbolizing the forces that interfere with God's bright army, led by God's chieftain of the Angel Regiment, Archangel Michael. He is armed with a shining, burning gold sword and shield, woven from heavenly powers of Cherubim and Seraphim. In the center of the shield, there is the star of the Virgin. And, on its outer side, there is a Christogram, the symbol of Jesus Christ.

This solution of the artistic image is inherent in both the Orthodox icon and the sculptural traditions of Europe.

History of the Christian Holiday
The Miracle of Archistratigus Michael

On September 6, the Church commemorates the miracle of Archangel Michael, which occurred in the 4th century in Colossae (also known as Chonae or Honeh)

Colossae was a city in Phrygia, in the Byzantine Empire, near Hierapolis. There was a church dedicated to the holy Archangel Michael above a spring of miraculous water. People came to the spring, and God granted healing to many of them. Many of those healed were pagans, but when they felt the grace of God, they converted to Christianity. Unfortunately, Christianity and its followers have had enemies at all times. Some of the pagans who did not want to change their lives tried to destroy the church and the spring by diverting two mountain streams against them.

Archippus, the sexton, known for his piety, prayed fervently for salvation. Following his heartfelt prayers, the Archangel Michael, the leader of the heavenly host, appeared. He struck the rock with his staff, forming a gorge in it, where water flowed, without causing any harm to the church. The city where the miracle happened was renamed Chonae, which means “funnels” in Greek. This event is celebrated by the Church as “The Miracle of Archangel Michael at Colossae”.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las