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«Archangel Michael»

Bronze Marble Sculpture


bronze, marble.


History of the Christian Holiday
"The Miracle of Archangel Michael"

On September 19, the Church commemorates the miracle of Archangel Michael, which took place in Chonae (Colossae). This miracle happened in the IV century.

Archangel Michael enjoyed a particular respect in Phrygia, where there was a church built in His honor next to the city of Hierapolis. The pagans decided to destroy this Orthodox sanctuary by connecting two mountain rivers and lowering their powerful stream to its location. Nevertheless, Archippus, the toller known for his piety, was begging for salvation. In response to his fervent heartfelt prayers, the Archstrategos appeared. The head of the entire Heavenly host struck the rock with a sword making a huge hole therein. From there, a mountain stream rapidly burst out causing no harm to the shrine.

In such an amazing way, this Miracle entered Christian history. This event is celebrated by the Church as "The Miracle of the Archangel Michael in Chonae".

Archangel Michael the Defender of Kyiv
Miniature Сopy of
the Sculptural Fountain Composition

in honor of the grand opening
September 19, 2020

The idea of creating a sculptural fountain composition of Archangel Michael the Defender of Kyiv originates from a unique jewelry interior miniature of the Lobortas Classic Jewelry House, in which Archangel Michael was depicted as the guardian of ancient Kyiv soaring over the church bell, the upper part of which includes the Kyiv slopes and hills, on which the world- famous, longstanding and ancient cathedrals of the Ukrainian capital are within.

A prayer in honor of the holy Archangel Michael is minted at the bottom of the bell. A drain fountain flows under the bell, symbolizing the swift waters of the Dnieper. From different sides, dragons pour water from the edge of the fountain into its center, symbolizing the forces that get in the way of the bright army of God, whose leader is Archangel Michael, the divine chieftain of the angel regiment. He is armed with radiant sword and shield of truth burning with gold, which seem to have been created from heavenly powers of Cherubim and Seraphim. The star of the Virgin is depicted in the center of the shield, and there is a Christogram, the symbol of Jesus Christ, on its outer side.

Such a solution of the artistic image is inherent in both the Orthodox icon and the sculptural traditions of Europe.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin