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«Monkey Thinker»

Ivory Sculpture



Monkey is respected in the cultures of ancient India, China, Egypt and Mexico. People gave it many positive magical qualities. In China, for example, monkey symbolized high status in society. In India, it was a symbol of power and devotion. Ancient Mexicans gave it extraordinary talent and plasticity considering monkey a deity of dances and performances. Nevertheless, Egyptians revered this animal most. They believed in sparkling mind of monkey and its ability to absorb knowledge. In Tibet, baboon figurines were very popular. They showed the ape bent over chronicler's manuscripts, symbolizing the desire for learning and success in mastering the secrets of the universe.

Ivory sculpture "Monkey Thinker" is a perfect addition for smart, goal-seeking man. The artisan, who created this masterpiece, breathed all the qualities into the monkey, given by wise ancestors. Therefore, the work can be not only a good fit in terms of decoration, it will inspire the owner to make correct, talented and extraordinary steps. …

while these steps will definitely lead to well-being and spiritual comfort.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin