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Ivory Gold Blue Sapphier Pyrrhotite Sculpture


gold, ivory, blue sapphires, pyrrhotite

Contemporary jewellery art proves that its authors subject to any genres, images and techniques. Works may be inspired by nature, history, philosophy and religion, and in the skillful hands, each stone, piece of metal and any other material bears interesting combinations, gives original color, play of light magic.

Small sculptural forms, created within the classic office decoration objects, attract with details and proportionality, excellent study of the nuances and creative approach.

Animals in the jewellery art have always been popular. Yet ancient artisans appealed to them, and today it is a popular trend. Each figurine not only demonstrates the talent and abilities of the artist, but also tells its story, and demonstrates the capabilities of materials and ways of stone processing. Light animal of ivory, harmoniously reflected by designers of the "Lobortas" House on a dark pyrrhotite, embellished with gold and blue sapphires, is a great gift, elaborately, easily and accurately detailed.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin