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Ivory Agate Topaz Sculpture


mammoth ivory, agate, topaz.

With the word "Vienna" we hear the music by Chopin,

Mozart, Strauss, and..."

…and Viennese coffee with a piece of chocolate "Sachertorte", and quiet fast trams, and opera houses, and Christmas mulled wine, and sleek horse wandering along a cobblestone street... Vienna is the grandeur and luxury with a taste of antiquity.

Office Decor Art Object "Providentia" is a prevision of the beauty. In the Centre of the Austrian capital, at the Neuer Markt Square, Providentia (from Latin – "providence") has been flaunting for nearly 280 years. That is the fountain, which was a gift to the city from Raphael Donner. Viennese most commonly call the fountain in the sculptor's name in appreciation to him.

Sketches by George Donner were used by artisans of the Classic Jewellery House "Lobortas" to create an objet d'art "Providentia". On a high marine pedestal, on the mother-of- pearl throne of magnificent shell, beautiful Providentia is sitting. There is a snake, the symbol of immortality, in her hand, and Providentia is an allegory of good management and water supply.

Georg Rafael Donner is an unusual master with peculiar artistic manner for the XVIII century. His works are distinguished by realism in gestures and emotions. Thus in the XXI century, artisans of the Lobortas House have managed to repeat the naturalness of Providentia's postures. A small copy, crafted out of mammoth ivory, resides on a pedestal of agate and topazes, and serves as a reminder of poetical and lyrical Vienna.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin