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«Wisdom of Solomon»

Diamond Gold Silver Feather Shaped Pen


gold, silver, diamonds.

№ Н-14-12-825

Jeweled words will reflect

The wisdom and truths of age-old...

The word that wins, inspires and charms. The word that was in the beginning and will always be. Magic word born with a stroke of precious pen, renews, pleases, gives strength, breaks walls and teaches good...

A great pen from the noblest of pure metals, diamonds, inlaid with gorgeous engravings, finely honed with innovative methods and unique techniques, created by skillful hands of artisans of the House "Lobortas" as a tribute to the legendary King Solomon. The ruler that became a symbol of wealth and a peaceful life, a source of diamond minds, golden truths and fair decisions, and today he inspires with his life, celebrated through the centuries, his priceless wisdom and precious words that are hidden to the due time, but will rise from their slumbers after the flap of the magic pen...

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Photo by Vladislav Filin