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Desk Sculptural Business Card Holder


brass, silver, sodalite, sapphires.

№ H-16-10-604

This precious composition created in order to decorate the workspace, emphasize the owner's personality, demonstrate his elite status and impeccable taste is a true masterpiece of high jewellery art. No matter how original and unusual the idea chosen for the birth of a stunningly beautiful creation is, its implementation in metal and stone is magnificent and luxurious in the same manner.

The leading theme, the main concept, the leitmotif for a refined, sophisticated and stylish office accessory is the symbolic embodiment of significant, vital personal characteristics in the development of many of us. A precious composition is nothing more than an artistic expression of human desires and goals peculiar to the representatives of the human race.

A bird that embodies the desire for knowledge and a printed publication being a sign of successful life… You can read the age-old wisdom and insight, intelligence and erudition in the filled with magnetism hypnotic gaze of the owl, confidently spreading its patterned wings. Of course, only having a huge knowledge, gravitating to them and accumulating them, you can find yourself in the coveted, cherished Forbes list, rhapsodically and enthusiastically proclaiming "the World's Top 100".

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Photo by Vladislav Filin