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        History is a treasure trove of our deeds, a witness to the past, an example and a lesson for the present, a warning for the future.

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra


The generalissimo Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov's generalship talent can be described in one chased phrase, "He did not lose any of the 60 battles conducted, most of which were won with the numerical superiority of the enemy." Ahead of his time, Suvorov managed to develop and enrich the best traditions of military art. His actions were reduced to the principle of "to surprise means to win". Surprise was achieved by the speed of movement and rapid maneuvering. "One minute," said the commander, "decides the outcome of the battle, one hour decides the success of the campaign... I am acting not by hours, but by minutes." Everyone has heard about the Italian and Swiss campaign, the crossing of the Devil's Bridge and other feats of Suvorov's miracle heroes. However, the most brilliant victory of the great generalissimo remained in the shadows: only the count's title of commander reminds of the battle of Rymnik. The actions of Suvorov, who had done the impossible twice in that battle, were considered madness. 25 thousand soldiers of Suvorov defeated 100 thousand Turkish soldiers

The creative idea for the artistic development of the exclusive chess game of Marches on Bosporan was the Turkish Wars, the historical events that changed the course of history in Europe. The prototype of one chess king was Alexander Suvorov, and the prototype of another chess king was his rival, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. The supporting structure of the chess table base with a lifting drive was shaped as a book and a wheel of history.

The world's only full jade field is made of rare light and traditional dark green jade. Faberge was the only one to use jade in his exclusive handcrafted chess pieces, however, due to the extreme complexity of processing this stone, only the dark cells were out of jade, and the white ones were made in serpentine. A set of Faberge handcrafted jewellery chess set with jade, the world's most expensive one, is in the possession of the American collector George Dean.

Besides, the version of elite handcrafted chess by Lobortas Classic Jewellery House is interesting for its synchronized electrical and mechanical dual lifting systems for the chessboard, with arches for the “burnt” pieces placed underneath. During the game, or upon its completion, they can be completely hidden inside the table. The unique system of mechanics and electronics, which is unparalleled in the world, fits perfectly right under the playing field in a small space generating more height than the chess pieces are themselves.

Invention: A telescopic two-frame drive, in which a special unit that synchronizes the operation of mechanical and electric drives in its complexity resembling the automatic transmission of a modern sports car has been developed and created. The feeling of lightness in the lift has been achieved by the use of counterweights inside the system. The full weight of the design with chess pieces, excluding the base and body frame, is over 40 kilograms. Specially constructed security system works when the surface descends and prevents an accidental braking of not properly stored pieces and avoids injury to the remaining hands. The two-component binary system uses sensors capable of immediate stopping the movement of the drive and the collapsible wooden frame around the field in case of any failure. The smooth and continuous operation of the chess table drive, confident and reliable, which combines electrical and mechanical principles, emphasizes the mastery of the chess set as a true work of art.

The beauty of the chessboard is crowned by an ornament of the type of the most complex ornamental stones in the perfect fit of Florentine mosaics made of jasper, tiger's and falcon's eye. The same mosaic of white and green jade was used to make the chess piece bases. All the characters are cast in silver and made in the technique of jeweled statuary. Work on the creation of exclusive chess was carried out in parallel by three teams for more than three years. At any given stage of the work, no fewer than 36 people were involved.



Photo by Vladislav Filin