Exclusive chess "March on Constantinople".

Set of handcrafted elite chessmen. Unique chess table with the lifting mechanism and mosaic playing field.


Exclusive chess "March on Constantinople". Set of handcrafted elite chessmen. Unique chess table with the lifting mechanism and mosaic playing field.

Chess is one of the most ancient games, invented by human. For millennia, art of play in chess has developed in parallel with the art of creation the chess themselves, stories associated with them and extraordinary artistic and technical solutions.

The war between Ukraine and Turkey has served as creative Idea for artistic designing of exclusive chess "March on Constantinople". Prototype of one chess king has become a legendary Cossack warlord and commander of early XVII - hetman Petro Konashevych Sahaidachny. Prototype of another has become his opponent - sultan of Ottoman Empire. Supporting structure of lift chess table is made in the shape of an open book and the wheel of history.

The version of elite handcrafted chess set by Ukrainian Classic Jewelry House "Lobortas" is interesting in that it possesses a synchronized mechanical and electrical lift system to raise and lower the chess field, with the arches for "burned" chessmen or for a full set of chessmen to be placed underneath the field. During the game, or at the time of its completion, all of them can be hidden inside the table. Invented "from the ground up" all of this unique system is so compact in size that it can be stored together with figures in the box a little higher than the figures, occupying an area a little bigger than the field itself, which emphasizes the complexity and ingenuity of the mechanism.

Invention: the dual framed telescopic mechanism, in which a constructed special node synchronizes simultaneous use of mechanical and electrical drives, in terms of its complexity resembling automatic gearbox of modern sports car, for example, Lamborghini or Maseratti. The feeling of lightness in the lift has been achieved by the use of counterweights inside of the telescopic mechanism. Total weight of construction with chess figures, excluding the base and the body, is a little over 40 kilograms. A specially constructed security system works when the surface descends and prevents an accidental braking of not properly stored figures and avoids injury to the remaining hands. The system uses sensors capable of immediate stopping the movement of the mechanism and the collapsable wooden frame around the field in case of any failure. Smooth and continuous operation of chess table mechanism, confident and reliable, in which combined electrical and mechanical bases are combined, highlights skill of execution of the chess set, as luxury work of art.

The world's only full jade field is made of rare light and more common dark green jade. Only Faberge used jade in his exclusive exclusive handcrafted chess, although he made only half of the field out of jade, white checks were made of serpentine. The Faberge handcrafted chess set with jade - the most expensive in the world. It is stored in George Dean's collection in United States.

The beauty of the chess field is crowned by an ornament of the most complex in performing Florentine mosaics of the jasper, tiger's eye and falcon's eye. Light and dark green jade and the same mosaics were used to form chessmen bases. All characters are cast of silver and performed in jewelry sculpture plastic technique. The creation of the exclusive chess set involved three teams of craftsmen working simultaneously full time for 3 years. At any given stage of the work, no fewer than twenty-eight people were involved.

Jewelry art in its history often intersected with art of play in chess. For 84-th chess congress craftsmen of Jewelry House "Lobortas" created big and small trophy "Caissa". October 1, 2013 small cup was awarded to Judit Polgar - to the best female chess player according to FIDE rating. This is not the first time that the Classic Jewelry House "Lobortas" creates gold chess Oscar for the best chess player according to FIDE rating - in 2010 and 2012, were awarded chess Oscars "Caissa" to Nadezhda Kosintseva and Hou Yifan respectively. In the future it is planned to create a women's and men's precious Grand Prix chess trophies.

Classic Jewelry House "Lobortas" has been for a long time associating art jewelry with the art of sports. In 2013, was presented to the main trophy, crafted by House "Lobortas", of the international golf tournament Kharkov Superior Cup, which was held at hotel Superior Golf in Kharkov. Also, in the past Lobortas Classic Jewelry House has created such cups and trophies as: precious hockey trophy "Dоnbаss Open Cup", "Larisa Nepochatova Golf Cup”, restored by the House after an accident Nonna Gaprindashvili's Cup of gold, silver and jewelry enamels; and many more sports trophies in creation and restoration of which Lobortas Classic Jewelry House took part.

* For reference: Aforementioned Faberge jewelry chess set with jade is considered to be the most expensive in the world and is currently in George Dean's collection in the United States.


Photo by Vladislav Filin