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«A Big Shovel BSL For The Money With An Integrated Stiletto»


gold , silver, brass, ash tree.

Special order.

Creativity has always coexisted with the game, great skill – with irony, talent – with humor. Designers of the "Lobortas" House possess all these qualities, and that is why their works are just as elegant as edgy. They can evoke admiration and hilarity; they can cheer up and crack a problem of the original gift.

Interesting styling of the legendary BSL, big square-faced shovel, sends us to recent times, out of which unforgettable characters remain today, interesting images and original implications. Those that were always read between the lines allowing you to have a joyful and easy attitude to reality.

The authors have invented and embodied a piece of jewellery using gemstones and noble metals playing with meanings. The man, who will now paddle money with this beautiful expensive and absolutely unique shovel. Moreover, to protect his wealth he will be using the sophisticated jewellery stiletto, which artists have put into the handle of the elegant product.

Great smoky quartz, sacred mystical stone, known for its smoky aura and releasing negativity, finalizes the composition.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin