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Winchester model 1866 - Yellow Boy

Functional miniature model




steel, brass, wood, gilding 999.9.


It is made to use 4mm Ball Flobert ammunition produced by the German company Dynamit Nobel.

At one time, the original Winchester "Yellow Boy" was the weapon, trigger of which undoubtedly changed the worldview of the mid-XIX century.

Winchester model 1866 was the upgraded "Henry" system, which is the world's first successful levergun, using the lever and bracket to reload. In the gifted hands the "Winchester" could make a shot per second, thereby being the most quick-firing rifle until invention of the self-loading rifles.

The rifle "Yellow Boy", produced by Winchester Repeating Arms Company, became a revolutionary in the world of rifled weapons and a progenitor of follow-up models and versions of Oliver Winchester's company, among which the Model 1866 enjoys the greatest interest of the weapon collectors. Moreover, this rifle, as a rule, is a beginning of the collection of "weapons that conquered the Wild West".

The first batch of "Model 1866" rifles were sold out in Omaha at a price of 34$ for a rifle. 150 thousand copies of the rifles with a typical yellow brass receiver were produced. 45 thousand of "Yellow Boys" were purchased by Ottoman Empire and shortly the "Boys" said their word in Russo-Turkish War of 1877–78.

Nevertheless, the regular cycle of "arms race" led to the moment, when the "Golden Boy" (second informal name of once popular rifle) passed into history having given a place to more sophisticated types of firearms.

The professional team of the "Lobortas" House recreated the legendary Winchester rifle in miniature with saving its external ergonomic beauty and its firing capacity. The buttstock of the Winchester rifle is made from fine wood, and yellow receiver is decorated with elegant interwoven ornament and the image of diving bird of prey.

The Classic Jewellery House "Lobortas" is the world's only company, which produces miniature weapons loaded with .22 BB Cap "Flaubert" type ammunition that makes them unique among world samples.

The scale of this model is adopted in the proportions and conformity with the "Flaubert" cartridge type of German production, design of which meets the 1866 Yellow Boy ammunition. This example is unique and unparalleled anywhere in the world.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin