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Gatling Gun - Model 1866

Functional Miniature Model




steel, wood.


It is made to use 4mm Ball Flobert ammunition produced by the Czech company of Sellier & Bellot.

In 1862, Richard Gatling, son of an American farmer and doctor by education, received patent no. 36836 for a new type of multi-barrel rapid-fire weapon, often referred to as the first modern machine gun. It was tested during the American Civil War and very soon received the eloquent nickname of "carousel of death".

After the end of the Civil War (in 1865), the Gatling gun was adopted by the American Army. In 1866, the US military made the first order for 100 new firearms with a rotating block of 6 barrels. The Gatling gun to be manufactured by the Colt Company was designated Model 1866. Not only US military had liked this weapon, as the Gatling gun was subsequently purchased for the armed forces of the Great Britain, Turkey, Spain and Japan.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin