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CZ 75 Pistol

Functional Miniature Model




The steel inlaid with 24K gold and .999 silver, fossil ivory.


It is made to use .22 BB Cap ammunition produced by the Czech company of Sellier & Bellot..

 The self-loading pistol of CZ 75, was developed in 1975 by the company of Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod in Czechoslovakia. This model has found wide application among the intelligence services of the Warsaw Pact, as it exceeded PM and TT in combat and operational qualities. The CZ 75 was supplied to Turkey, Iraq, and Iran, and since the 1990s the pistol had been exported to Western Europe and the USA. 

By creating a unique miniature firearm of 'CZ 75', artisans from the House of Lobortas joined two arts – guns and jewellery. Artistic metal engraving with a pattern of 24K gold, .999 silver and exquisite inlaid wooden parts, and carved ivory ones gave the special aesthetics to terrible weapon worthy of being stored in museums and private collections. 

A reduced scale-copy of the CZ 75 is absolutely unique world's only model, created to fire Flobert type ammo (.22 BB Cap) that required to design another modification of this weapon by having retained the original ability of the pistol to reload automatically. The author skillfully applied the adapter system (adapter shell) to use the Flobert type ammunition that is sold freely.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin