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Сased Pair of Faure-Le Page Duelling Pistols with Accessories

Functional Miniature Models




silver, steel, ebony, charoite, ivory encrustation.

Interest of miniature firearms collectors is always very special, if the point is an era of gunpowder smoke with single-shot guns and rifles. However, in those times each shooter had to make bullets and gunshot loads. Therefore, in addition to the beauty and aesthetic pleasure, weapons were supplemented with many tools, which also disclosed the artistic, aesthetic appearance. Even cases were the works of art, which tastefully held the firearms and tools. Nevertheless, the most attractive from the point of view of beauty and aesthetics were the duelling pistols, fascinating in their symmetry in the special weapon caskets. The latter ones also became true pieces of applied and sometimes jewellery art.

Breathless with admiration you can eternally feast your eyes upon the weapons of famous brand "Faure-Le Page". Looking at the cold polished stainless steel, we catch ourselves at the thought that there are always a few seconds deciding everything. Admiring the play of the rare light violet сharoite that gives discretion, we remember that we always hold someone's life in our hands together with a duelling pistol. Feeling the magic of expensive ebony, we think back to those eras and times when people believed that with the use of the black rosewood, they could insulate themselves from the evil demons.

Reflected in the elegantly beautiful silver, we can even forget about the purpose of weapons: they are glorified in songs from the Great ones, both as expensive men's toys and as the embodiments of a certain status and invariable taste, and as works of art. Elegance of age-old antiques is beautiful. In it, everything is breathing with grace, rigor of style, the cleanliness of the genre. Magnificent stylization of the era passed by, when the nobleness and honor were at stake.

The sound of shots loudly echoed, and they would remain on the pages of the beautiful poems in the ligatured script of memoirs… And the duelling pistols will be stored in the chic casket together with the mysteries of duels, to rejoice the eyes only with their unsurpassed beauty and mastery of execution.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin