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«Ocean Fishing»

Silver Gold Diamond Sodalite Sculpture


silver, gold, white diamonds, cognac diamonds, black diamonds, sodalite.


The ocean raged, turning white with the foam of blue-sodalite waves, striking with its massiveness. The world hiding fishes, turtles and algae under the water, and mysterious shells in the sands at the bottom storing the wealth untold.

The majestic marlin, caught on the hunter's tackle, raged no less than the ocean. It gives up to no one so easily. However, with a strong hand, an unbreakable thread is lifted up, human is the boss here, and every muscle on his body is tense. He pulls his prey with a jerk and the rebellious fish has already flown to the surface of the ocean. The outcome of the struggle is already a foregone conclusion… Or maybe?..

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Photo by Vladislav Filin