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Silver Gold Diamond Sapphire Jasper Sculpture


silver, gold, diamonds, black diamonds, blue sapphires, jasper.


People need symbols that embody the hopes and desires. Envoy of gods – light, elegant, witty, impetuous and passionless Mercury perfectly fits the role of the patron of those who declared their lives with trades, quests, travels and adventures. Those who want to be the leaders and winners. Not by force or power, but only by elegant solutions, original ideas, ingenuity, velocity and the skill to see the future, estimating next steps.

The gods gave Mercury the winged sandals and helmet, caduceus and a wallet bag. And the people awarded him with their dreams and aspirations. As sometimes there is the desire to hover over the earthly problems, to tower towards the sky, rising high into existence.

And the planet is selected to suit this handsome man. Small, contrasted, the closest to the Sun with the highest rotational velocity.

So here he is balancing easy and freely, between heat and coldness, between absolute values, choosing the golden rule of harmony. That is why he is everywhere in time, leaving the trail of the light breeze flown by. He is frivolous and charming.

And this miniature jeweled statuette out of the shimmering silver and noble gold, with the placers of diamond luxury, created according to all the canons of the ancient sculptures – with the finely chiseled embossed body, mounted on the globe planet of motley jasper that attracts the eyes and beckons with audacious elegant easiness, which can be admired eternally..

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Photo by Vladislav Filin