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Silver Gold Diamond Sapphire Jasper Sculpture


silver, gold, diamonds, black diamonds, blue sapphires, jasper.


People need symbols that embody their hopes and desires. The messenger of the gods – light, elegant, witty, reckless, and cold-blooded Mercury – exemplifies entrepreneurial courage, business agility, and successful communication. He is a symbol of human aspirations and dreams. Mercury is the patron of those who want to be leaders, to be ahead, to win, and to foresee the future not by force or pressure, but by elegant solutions, original ideas, dexterity, speed, and skill.

The gods endowed Mercury with winged sandals and a helmet, and bestowed a caduceus wand and a money bag upon him. The people honored him with their dreams and ambitions. After all, they long to soar above earthly troubles, to rise above the mundane, to ascend into the realm of Existence.

Therefore, the planet the closest to the Sun, having the highest rotation speed, and being rich in contrast, matches this handsome fellow.

He effortlessly and freely finds the balance between the extremes, between the absolutes, following the golden rule of harmony; he travels everywhere, leaving behind a trail of elegance and a whiff of breeze; he is charming and playful.

This dazzling miniature statuette of jewelry, crafted from silver, gold, and diamonds in the style of ancient sculptures, has a relief body on a jasper globe and seduces with its graceful lightness and daring splendor. It is a sight to behold.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin