Silver Gold Diamond Sapphire Citrine Jade Lapis Lazuli Enamel Sculpture


silver, gold, lapis lazuli, jade, enamel, cognac diamonds, white diamonds, yellow sapphires, citrine yellow.


"Then there is a very fertile land, however, it is deserted because of griffins, ravaged and wild winged animals, surprisingly loving gold, excavated deeply from the ground, and not less surprisingly guarding it."

Pomponius Mela, approx. 43 AD

Sculptural composition "Griffin". Leaning on the sky, сasting shadow upon the ground, infathomable and excellent griffin is frozen in the last moments to take off. Predatory eagle beak and dangerous claws make the griffin terrible rival for the one who dares to encroach upon the Shrine. The inhabitant of Hyperborean mountains firmly holds it. A flap and the griffin flies over the terrestrial sky, over good and evil, taking the terrestrial Sun as into eternal infinity.

Mythical creature, uniting heaven and earth, comes alive in the Sculpture composition "Griffin". By creating this valuable jewelry composition, the jewelers of the Lobortas House appealed to the very first images of the mythical creatures with features of lion, the lord of the land, and eagle, the lord of the skies – those who have come to us from the distant past in the palace frescoes of Crete. It is the reason why we can feel the ancient as the world might and indomitable morale in the each bend of the fierce and the prideful griffin.

Sculptural composition “Griffin”. No one tamed the magical creature, and he will not be submitted to anyone. Only the goddess of retribution Nemesis had power over him and harnessed the griffin to her chariot.

“The bird of retaliation flew over the shoulders of the goddess. The goddess keeping the truth and paths of life. The companion of Nemesis, gigantic griffin, spread his wings and claws heralding the goddess to come to all cardinal directions.”

Nonnus of Panopolis “Dionysiaca”, approx. 460 AD

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Photo by Vladislav Filin