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«Sea of Galilee»

Silver Gold Diamond Agate Jade Carnelian Quartz Intaglio Sculpture


silver, gold, diamonds, cognac diamonds, agate, jade, carnelian, quartz intaglio "Andrew the First Called".


The creation of a stonecutting vitrage sculpture is a challenging and experimental process, which often involves adding unique and innovative solutions to the original idea. The novelty of this work is that it is the first sculpture designed for window spaces. Only objects that can transmit light can reveal their full beauty in such a setting.

The first project in this series is a stained-glass sculpture of the Sea of Galilee, which depicts both the sea and the figure of one of the apostles, or Jesus Christ himself, represented by a fisherman hauling the net with his catch. The brighter the light from the outside, the more vividly and distinctly the face and the garments of the person sitting in the boat made of rock crystal are rendered. The deeper the sea of agate and jade is illuminated by the sunlight, the more translucent the carnelian bodies of the Tiberias fish become, and the more mysterious the silver-gilded net appears, while the diamonds and white gold in the rim of the halo flash with an incredible, radiant spiritual light.

The turn-and-view system was also applied for the first time to the plane of the stained-glass pattern, making both the person in the boat and the sea waters with their inhabitants a double-sided stonecutting high relief that has no equal. The originality of the artistic and technical solution is that the inner light of the room creates its own beauty of the image, and with the advent of dawn, the life-giving sun breathes new life into the work and invites a new interpretation of what is seen.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin