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«Wild Boar Hunting»

Silver Diamond Jade Sculpture


silver, white diamonds, cognac diamonds, jade

№ Н-13-10-615 / special order.

Since its introduction in the mid-19th century up to the present day, the cabinet plastic art has been one of the most popular types of sculpture. Unlike large sculptural forms that are beautiful in their grandeur, the cabinet plastic art is very soulful and close to people.

Many subjects, forms, and even sizes allow you to pick up a small sculpture in relation to the magnitude of the human person.

Sculpture "Wild Boar Hunting" is handcrafted. Before starting to develop forms, the jewelers studied real hunting scenes. Because of that, they are executed so vividly and brightly. The energy and action of the composition keeps in suspense. Although the sculpture tells us that there is one against three, the one seems to break away from the fanged jaws, and ragged but not defeated he is going to get away. White and cognac diamonds reflect the furious and desperate courage. High quality makes these sculptural forms similar with works by Carl Faberge, "the singer of fine dreams".

The stone, laid in the base of the sculpture by the jewelers, is a jade. It is the most durable mineral. Jade is even comparable with metals due to its viscosity!

The modern precious jewelled sculpture "Wild Boar Hunting" is a large scale in a small form.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin