«Tiger and Bear»

Jewelry Sculpture


bronze, silver, jasper, cognac diamonds, black diamonds.

№ Н-20-03-097

Precious sculpture of «Tiger and Bear» is a modern handmade precious jewelry sculpture from the World of Hunting cyclus. Jewelry techniques of engraving, chasing and precious electroplating on metal, unique natural drawing and cutting of landscape Ural jasper turn the work into a real work of jewelry art. The turn-and-view system creates the dynamics of a real natural scene taken from life itself and conveys the emotion of a real fight from National Geographic's stories about modern nature.

The composition of «Tiger and Bear» is a small sculptural form with great energy. Like the works of the great Carl Faberge, you can and should return to this exhibition again and again, each time discovering new details of this both exquisite and powerful jewelry work with the story of a fight between two strong animals.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin