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«Saint Barbara»

Bronze Silver Jasper Colour Gem Diamond Sculpture


bronze, silver, jasper, citrine orange, topaz orange, garnets, diamonds.


Saint Barbara, the savior from sudden death, storms at sea and fire, the patroness of artisans, the intercessor of travelers is an example of true faith for all Christians. She, a revered righteous person and a woman of fervent prayer, invisibly leads with her hand, helping to get closer to life in holiness and love for God.

Made of precious metals and exquisitely inlaid with sparkling stones, the sculpture is an example of a skilful combination of artistic imagination and excellent work of goldsmiths and silversmiths. The brilliance of the ultra- transparent purity of precious diamonds, like the immaculate sanctity of the virgin, the radiance of precious citrine, like the sun in a bronze sunset, which she admired from the tower. The engraving done in silver with special attention and the beautifully processed jasper in the base are all the result of the painstaking work of jewelry artisans, as if Barbara helped them personally.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin