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«Соssack Mamay»

Hadcrafted Jewellery Sculpture


bronze, silver, gold, white diamonds, yellow sapphires, jasper, jade, citrine 147ct.

№ Н-15-10-774

Cossack Mamay is a symbolic and idealized representation of a Cossack and a Ukrainian in general. He is a protector of the Ukrainian people, a steppe dweller, a traveler, a warrior, a sage, a Kobzar folk minstrel and an enchanter all in one. For centuries, his images could be found in almost every hut.

The stories about Cossack Mamay belong to folk legends, traditional tales, and proverbs. He was always depicted with a kobza, which is a symbol of the creative and musical soul of the Ukrainian nation. According to popular legends, Cossack Mamay was orthodox, had God’s gift to heal the sick and walk on water, which gave ordinary people the right to honor him as a saint and hang his image in the house next to the icons of other saints.

Cossack Mamay is perhaps the most precious ancestral royal emblem of the native Cossack families of the Ukrainian lands. The unifying mission of the Cossack Mamay as an allegorical embodiment of the Ukrainian national character, no matter how hard the enemies try, is not limited to the present. Cossack Mamay is undoubtedly the “genetic code” of the Ukrainian Cossack nation.

A magical warrior, who at the energy level protected and guarded a certain territory of the Cossack land, warning about the appearance of evil forces, allegedly “meandered”, that is, hovered like a hawk on the border of Free Cossacks. From time immemorial, he was engaged not only in clairvoyance, but also in the treatment of wounded Cossacks, their psychotherapy and psychophysical training, which contributed to victorious battles.

The sculptural composition is made in silver and gold, using a 147-carat Ukrainian citrine.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin