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«Archangel Michael
and the Forces of Light»

Gold Silver Diamond Jasper Enamel Sculpture


gold, silver, diamonds, enamel, enamel "Savior", jasper

№ Н-14-03-157

Who is like God? – The God only!

The angelic world is a Great spiritual world, created by God in ancient times. It is inhabited by enlightened and just beings – angels – heralds of the Will of God. The title of Archangel, meaning the "chief angel", is found in the Bible in just two verses. In both cases, this word is in the singular, which means that there is only one Archangel –Archangel Michael, "the captain of the Lord's host", for which he was granted the title of Archstrategos.

The one, who works miracles, protects the just ones, strikes evil forces with his righteous fiery sword – the Holy Archangel Michael – is the defender of the living. He is considered the patron of soldiers, the protector from malicious spirits and all evil, visible and invisible.

The warrior of light, Archangel Michael, is revered in three world religions, but the origin of his image is shrouded in mystery. The ancient Jews called Michael as Mikha'el, believing that he is the guardian of one side of the world, like Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. The Qur'an calls the Saint as Mikha'il. Muslims believe that the Archangel Michael is endowed with wings of emerald hue and protects the gates of Heaven.

"Who is like God?" (the name of Michael is translated from Hebrew so) defines him as the heavenly leader and gives the unprecedented spiritual power to him. In Christianity, it is Michael to have accompanied the Virgin Mary through hell, by explaining the causes of the torment of sinners to her. Moreover, it is Michael whom Jesus Christ entrusts the souls of the righteous ones after the descent into hell…

In the Archangel Michael and the Forces of Light precious composition, artisans have conveyed the moment where the Forces of Light displace darkness. Archangel Michael, having gathered all the ranks and armies of the Angels, standing in front, began to battle against Satan together with Seraphims, Cherubims and all the Heavenly Ranks.

The confrontation between light and dark forces, the struggle between good and evil is still going on, and Archangel Michael is sent to Earth whenever the miraculous power of the Lord should appear.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin