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«Wisdom of Solomon»

Gemstone Gold Silver Desk Object


gold, silver, rauchtopaz, citrine, lunar sapphires, jade, tiger's eye, brass, gilding.

With a hollow owl-like echo,

From the darkness of the ages,

Shards of truth will ring and shatter,

And will settle on the ancient pages...

Stones are like people – they remember and imprint. The timeless wisdom of generations, shifted onto the words of precious books of Genesis, bearing light and truth in proverbs and scrolls, judicious decisions and biblical images. Only stones tell it in their own way...

Rauchtopaz enlightens the mind and purifies the thoughts, and symbolizes the depth of wisdom. Radiant sunny citrine warms up with its energy and lunar sapphires give a peaceful sleep – the fortune of calm and noble ones. Fair justice, moderation, enlightenment, and the search for meaning and knowledge are emanated by the soft color of jade. Tranquil profound beauty of the tiger's eye intuitively distinguishes good and evil. Pure shining gold, by which the words and promises are weighted.

Precious stones dazzle. And artistry of handcrafted sculpture glitters. Simple but true words flow, and make up parables, and treatises of the eternal, and may the truth, the power and grace of God be with them. And Solomon is glorious in generations and millennia, because the truth is more precious than gold and rare stones. And his wisdom is precious, like gems, and it will shine through the ages, and grow like a masterpiece of jewelry, for many years made by artisans. And the power of the stone, and the power of words and the power of knowledge.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin