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«Impetuous Hunting»

Diamond Silver Lapis Lazuli Sculpture


silver, diamonds, lapis (lapis lazuli), flint


Golden feathers

Will burst with diamond shimmer...

In the lazurite shines

 Majestic flight of free bird pierces the air. Now he easily stands vigil over the ground, as if he examines something in a celestial blueness, now he falls as a stone, haunting the prey and twinkling with his feathers in the sun. Big predator's widely spread wings are strong and powerful, sight is sensitive. Ancient Egypt worshiped him, Ancient Rus glorified him, his ancestors were admired by medieval knights, and hunters are proud of his modern representatives.

Flowing blueness of the solid lapis lazuli is beautiful, as if airy clouds between land and sky, in which a strong quick bird goes into a power dive. This stone heals the wounds and brings success, implements plans and gives you good luck. The ornament of the landscape flint is surprisingly similar to the illustration of sea waves, and diamonds are shining in the feathering, pictured by artists so delicately that it seems entirely alive and true.

Jewelers surprisingly accurately conveyed not only sculptural realism of each part, they exploited the play of light of precious metals and cuts, the features of noble metals and minerals, having created a true masterpiece of the 21 st century jewellery art, a talented handcrafted composition in harmonic combining of the classic and contemporary methods.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las