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«Hunter's Trophy»

Diamond Silver Bronze Brass Agate Sculpture


bronze, brass, silver, cognac diamonds, agate.


The morning was entering its domain with the dawn rays, heralding the beginning of a new day. A silver haze crept over the water mist. The air was filled with the gamut of a wide variety of the lake orchestra sounds. The buzzing of insects echoed with the whisper of reeds, the splashing of fish with the whistling of duck wings, and a red warbler is humming along with the cuckoo sing.

A loud shot, rising from the thickets with a light haze, notified the district of a well-aimed hit that had reached its goal. And now the joyful dog, making its way through the reed thickets, carries in its teeth the trophy obtained by the hunter.

The triumph of the feeling of victory, which probably originated in the days of distant ancestors engaged in hunting, has awakened filling its soul with joy.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin