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Silver Shot Glasses Set


silver, gold plating, bronze.

If human feelings, emotions, thoughts and wishes could have a shape...if they could be expressed...If only it could be possible to make something illusory become visible...

If you look at this composition from a artistic point of view, you will see that it has a symbolic meaning. This picturesque interior decoration illustrates self- confidence and determination.

A spiritual face...Looking ahead, at a dream...Waving in the wind like wings...Inspiration, passion, movement...they can be felt in every detail, every gesture of a cyclist...There is no doubt that that is how determination and longing for a dream must look. It is expressed in an artistic shape.

Furthermore, the jewelers who created this figure of silver and bronze gave it a special philosophic meaning. It is a real, perfect and unique piece of art.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin